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Thread: Ben beat Brady at his own game

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6BURGH View Post
    I said if they played like they played on offense we would win! i just hope this is the type of defense we see from our boys the rest of the season

    The Steelers are finding out that they are a passing team, whether they like it or not it's who they are. They have too many weapons to not be a team that passes to set up the run. There's nothing wrong with that, but our hope as to be that Arians will stick with what is working and not digress just because..we've seen it happen before.

    This year appears to be different because the effectiveness of the passing game far outweighs the effectiveness of the run game as the focal point. Both are important but in this years team, it's a pass first mentality and run off of that.

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    Had the Steelers stayed in predominantly zone, the Steelers would have gotten crushed. As well as Ben played, let's face it, the offense could have been better. To dominate the Pats statistically the way the Steelers did and only win by 8 points is a little concerning.

    That being said, it looks like our little Ben is all grown up now. Hope they keep the momentum going vs the Ravens this Sunday.

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    I got to listen to most of the game (on XM) but I was in the car. We lost power on Saturday and didn't get it back until this afternoon. Man it was cold.

    Anyway, great game, but I have to say, I was worried when Brady had the ball back down by only 6. Fracking kicker missing that FG that would have iced it. He's gotta nail those, Heinz field or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harrison92 View Post
    As well as Ben played, let's face it, the offense could have been better. To dominate the Pats statistically the way the Steelers did and only win by 8 points is a little concerning.
    That's very true and most of us are sort of ignoring that fact and basking in the W!

    FG in the red zone isn't the ticket to success. We got away with it last week because of the great job the D did.
    "When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself."
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    Of course the Steelers need to improve their red zone scoring......I agree 100% but at the same time the Steelers still beat the Pats.........The Steelers D played great but the Steelers offense dominated the game by controlling the T.O.P........which allowed the D to be great......

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    I started a thread on the redzone issue..duhs.

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    Surprised that Brady and the Pats are not getting crucified in the media. There seems to be more comments made about what they did wrong than what the Steelers did right.

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