We saw tonight what we've been hoping and praying for, to see Heath Miller used to his potential in the passing game. On Sunday evening against the Patriots, he proved to be a killer against Bill Belichick's early blitz packages.

Normally, Miller will get his 3-4 catches a game for around 50 yds. or so, a Touchdown to boot. That's all well and good but the fans have been screaming, hoping beyond hope that we'd see him used in the same way that guys like Gronkowski and Gates are used. Tonight, Bruce Arians and Ben Roethlisberger finally heard our cries.

The Patriots were sending a lot of pressure at Ben right from the outset of the game. They wanted to test the Steelers beaten and battered offensive line and try to set the tone on the early. Normally that philosophy works pretty well against the much maligned, although improving, Steelers offensive line. However on Sunday evening, the Steelers found the perfect weapon to beat the blitz. Heath Miller would be that guy and then some. Every time the Patriots came with a blitz, Ben dumped off the ball to Heath and the Steelers were able to move the chains. Miller finished with 7 catches for 85 yds., leading the team in receiving. Although he didn't score a touchdown his presence was absolutely key in the victory.