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Thread: How will the Steelers handle the Patriots Tight Ends

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    Sneak into their hotel room and lead pipe their knees, this is the only way!! lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by roosterray View Post
    If we are physical with all their receivers, then we have a chance. Zone won't work here nor will playing 10yds off the ball. I can only hop that we play mad for the next 3 games to prove we're for real.
    Well these are the games that keep Ben from being elite. even with 2 SB wins..

    Pats, Saints, Packers now.. Colts, Ravens a bit...

    He just needs to dial up 110+ qb ratings against these teams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UKSTEELER View Post
    If only we had a tall, athletic, speedy inside backer who could cover the Gronk we might win this one . . .

    we do, . . . . . Sly, get him on the bloody (Damn) field
    no, timmons is what needs to cover gronk....sly is a grown *** man against the run but his coverage skills would get torn to shreds against these TEs

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    Has to be grind it out, in your face coverage for the whole game. Pats targets (WR, RB, TE's) have to earn each catch, each 1st down. No freebies here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    no, timmons is what needs to cover gronk....sly is a grown *** man against the run but his coverage skills would get torn to shreds against these TEs
    We need to see what Sly has got, we can't really make judgements on a few pre-season plays. Timmons has the skills we know, but he'll be outside again. We simply won't stop the pats with Potsie n Foote in the middle, not gonna happen, Sly please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnakeEyes43 View Post
    Slide Timmons back to the middle, but Worlids at OLB, if he's healthy. That will help add some speed at MLB. And yes, I would love to see Sly get some rotations. I don't want to see Farrior chasing TEs to the endzone all game.
    Me either. Or Ike trying to tie Welker's shoelaces.
    LeBeau is bound to come up with a decent plan to slow them down.

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    Well, I'm using this game as a borometer of weather Labeau still has it or not as a coordinator. Labeau knows about the passing game of the Patriots from the previous beatdown we took last year. He better have something radical up his sleeve to slow down the Pats passing game.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    I don't think you can really use this game as a barometer for how Lebeau is as a coordinator, atleast IMO. He believes in his system and it's served him well over the decades. The Steelers aren't a top 5 defense every year for nothing. Everybody has their achilles heal and for Lebeau, it's been Brady and those damn tight ends.

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    finally adjusting to this offense that has destroyed his defense has to become a big deal eventually

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    put them side by side and keep the old men on the bench

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