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Nothing I haven't heard before.

Our Oline has been stellar, and Vollmer looks to be coming back this week, which frees up Solder to block on the right instead of a TE. They're going to be tough to get through. I think we'll see a lot paths opened up for BJGE, so watch out for the running game. It's been a lot more balanced the last couple of games.

The problem with covering Gronk is you need to double cover him, and he still catches everything. And if you do that, you're leaving someone open, whether it's Branch, who catches everything, or Welker, who catches everything and more. His YAC this year have been spectacular. So if you double up on any one of these guys, Brady is going to the two TEs or Welker underneath. So, yes, the key to this offense is to get to Brady first, but it's going to be tough against our Oline. He'll throw quick screens all day to someone, and let's not forget about Woodhead, who excels at the short pass and sneaks under for 10 yards.

All I know is if the Pats want to win this game, they have to perfect on offense because the D isn't going to carry us against your team.
The Law Firm had a very good game vs the Steelers last year.......Plus Woodhead is one sneaky little RB that can make a play on you if fall asleep on him.....I would think even Ridley would get some carries as well.......The Pats can do many things on offense from many different schemes....another reason why they're so tough to stop.......

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Ah, that's what we all hope. But, it'll probably be more of Farrior on receivers that he has no business trying to cover, unfortunately.