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Thread: Will we FINALLY see some no huddle this Sunday?

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    The point of using it is to keep the defense off balance and yes the no huddle doesn't have to be hurry up....You also can pass the ball to keep Brady off the field.....Just don't go for the home run ball every time.....If the Steelers come in with the mentality of trying to pound the ball on offense to win the game they will lose.......Brady and the Pats offense can score points quick and in bunches.....The Steelers offense better be ready to score period.......

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    BA will never get his head out of his @$$, If we have a game plan against the cheaters like we did against the Titans we win hands down, we have to keep the cheaters offense off the field, they defense sucks and short passes will kill em!

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    Arians has said he'll bring the no huddle back when it's time; he's not in a hurry to do so. he contends that the offensive line is not ready to handle that type of pressure in an upbeat offense. The problem is that when they break it out, it's predictable. You're down by a couple scores, trying to spark the offense, and the defense is ready for it. As soon as they sense you might be getting ready to use it, they'll stay in a package that allows them more proper personnel to handle it.

    The best way to use the no huddle is to use it when they least expect it; it's not always a "holy crap we're losing let's do something quick" mentality that should necessitate the availability of using that strategy.

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    Do we have to bring this up every week? The answer is No btw. Next week can we take off from asking this question please?

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    Yes, uhuh.

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