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Thread: Jags giving the Ravens fits so far tonight...

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    Flacco is flaccid...lacks fire in the belly despite some talent. Seeming like he's not the long term solution for Ratbirds, but the longer he stays the better for us. Second Raven loss to AFC bottom feeder on the road. Excellent....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stairwayto7 View Post
    Hopefully this will motivate us

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    I agree but it was Monday LOL
    Monday, Tuesday, etc etc I still love watching these c**ks lose! lol

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    What's the Ravens fans on their message boards excuse for losing this game to the Jags?? Did they make some kind of comparison to the game the Steelers played against the Jags last week and won which they always seem to do since their ****ing fans are utterly obsessed with the Steelers. What are they going to say after losing to the Jags "Oh we had to play on the road on Monday night and you got to play them at home"?? This Ravens loss last night totally erases that opening day debacle the Ravens put on the Steelers because even if the Steelers lose to the Patriots as long as they beat the Ravens next week they will be back in 1st place and be back in control of the division. The Ravens had their chance to go into the Steelers game in first place all by themselves and take the Steelers completely out of the division race by just beating the Jags and Cardinals and they ****ed it up and ****ed it up royally...It goes to show you games early on in the season and beating somebody in September or October like the Ravens have done to the Steelers the last 2 seasons doesnt mean anything. Beating them in November,December when the games really really matter and the playoff race is on is what really counts and until the Ravens beat the Steelers when it matters they will not get over the hump...

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    i'm starting the rumor that flacco really likes BA and if we dont sign him in the off season. the ratbirds want BA, BA will make flacco elite and keep them both in Baltimore for a long time...

    Flacco is the best. He just needs better receivers and Bruce.

    Baltimore. Dont be foolish and listen to anyone talking crap... Flacco is the best.

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