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Thread: Will Harrison Play vs Patriots?

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    id imagine he wont be back til after the bye, but maybe sooner i guess it depends.

    Week after the bye is my guess as well (bye is week 11, so week 12).

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    I thought Tomlin said by the Ravens game...? I might be mistaken.
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    Quote Originally Posted by steelchamp204 View Post
    Nope he wont play. Doesnt bother me any either. Defense has been playing well without the presence of Harrison. Keep him out after the bye so he is 100% to play the ravens.
    We play the rats before the bye.

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    James Harrison is getting antsy being a spectator.

    Asked Wednesday if he had circled a date for returning from an eye injury that kept him out the past three games, Harrison said: "Today, last week, the week before, the week before that."

    The Steelers All-Pro linebacker likely will have to wait at least a few more weeks to get on the field after having facial surgery to repair a fractured right orbital bone about three weeks ago.

    "When the doctor tells me I can come back, I'll come," Harrison said. "I am going on doctors' orders."

    Harrison suffered the broken orbital bone Oct. 2 during the second half against Houston when Duane Brown slammed into his helmet.

    Harrison missed two series before returning. It was later revealed he broke a bone.
    "I had double vision when it first happened," Harrison said. "There was a possibility that I could've lost my sight, but I got lucky, I guess."

    Harrison said his double vision has dissipated, but he still is sensitive to light. He said he will likely wear a tinted visor when he returns.

    Until then, Harrison has to wait for doctors to give him the go.
    "I guess some things have to scar up and give it time to cover over," Harrison said. "It takes away the chance of infection and some other stuff."

    Harrison had missed only one game since becoming a starter in 2007. He sat out the season finale in 2008 against Cleveland with a hip injury.

    "Everything happens for a reason -- good, bad or indifferent," Harrison said. "I am just going to deal with it and move on."

    The Steelers have won three straight since Harrison's injury, and their defense has moved up to third overall.

    LaMarr Woodley has picked up the slack since Harrison's injury with 5 1/2 sacks.
    "That's what I expect," Harrison said.

    Harrison said he has been impressed with how Lawrence Timmons has held down the position in his absence.

    "He is playing the position the way it needs to be played," Harrison said. "That's all we can ask. He's an inside backer."

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