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Thread: Mike Wallace & Antonio Brown each with 100+ yds. receiving

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    Mike Wallace & Antonio Brown each with 100+ yds. receiving

    Even though he didn't score a touchdown, he had by far his best game to date.

    Antonio Brown:
    Punt Returns 2 - 47 yds.
    Kickoff Returns 3 - 66 yds.
    Receiving 7 - 102 yds.

    Mike Wallace:
    Receiving 3 - 118 yds. 1 TD.

    The circus catch down the sidelines was one for the highlight reels for Brown. This is exactly what you want to see out him, and Emmanuel Sanders as well today who was 5 - 46 yds and 1 TD. Ben is starting to develop a nice rapport with his young guys and their route running is improving every week. With Hines Ward out with the ankle injury it gave all the young guys a chance to step up their game and they came through for Ben on a day when the run game was struggling.

    You just can't say enough about Mike Wallace. The fastest player in the NFL is a human highlight reel. The 95 yd. touchdown pass was the longest pass play in Steelers history. As soon as he caught you knew there was no way he was going to be caught. He will be able to pretty much write his own check when the time comes. It's so great to finally have a player like Wallace who can outrun the entire league and make the big catches when you need it.
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