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Thread: Is Mike Wallace better than Calvin Johnson?

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    Is Mike Wallace better than Calvin Johnson?

    Interesting little article that makes you think for a minute. Mike Wallace has sky rocketed to stardom as one of the best WR's in the NFL today...but is he the best?

    Who is the best wide receiver in the NFL right now: the Detroit Lions' Calvin Johnson or the Pittsburgh Steelers' Mike Wallace?

    Johnson can out-jump nearly every defender and pull down the pass with his strong hands. Wallace can outrun nearly every defender and turn short slants into big gains.

    While many would call Johnson the best because of his torrid touchdown pace, ESPN Insider KC Joyner sides with Wallace, calling him "the heavyweight champion of NFL receivers."

    Here's an excerpt from the piece:
    It's one thing to simply subscribe to the numbers and players must also pass the eye test, but these totals show Wallace as superior thus far in short, medium, bomb, vertical, stretch vertical, yards after catch and overall YPA categories. If he's not dominant in one, he's consistently better in all.

    Not only that, Wallace has 82 more total yards than Johnson despite having 12 fewer targets.

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    Not yet. He'll probably catch up in time.

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    IMO Megatron is the overall more polished receiver this present time, but give Wallace another year and he could become the standard of a receiver every team will over

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    If Wallace shows up every game and makes a difference like Johnson does then yes he can be better. Now? No, getting close but not yet.

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    It's really hard to compare they both do different things well . Like the writer said one out jumps and the other outruns. if you go by numbers it's Wallace . But the biggest difference to me is Calvin Johnson can make a less accurate passer better cause of his size. But in the case of Wallace you better be accurate cause of his speed . Lastly Wallace has great hops himself
    calvin Johnson rookie year 48/756/15.8
    2nd year 78/1331/17.1
    mike Wallace rookie year 39/756/17.1
    2nd year 60/1257/21.0
    Wallace wins the numbers game!
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    I read the article a day or two ago and got a little laugh out of it. They're two totally different types of WR's. I think Wallace is getting compared to the all mighty Calvin because there isn't many WR's like Mr Wallace. Desean Jackson is the only one to come to mind. Calvin's in a class with a couple of really good WR's like Andre Johnson, Roddy White, and Larry Fitzgerald. Wallace could become a WR in Megatrons class but not just yet. He's still got plenty of developing to do.

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    No...Calvin Johnson is a beast...Mike is really fast but he needs to get stronger to reach beast status

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    Hard to compare the two because they are so different . They really don't compare ,nor does it matter to me to compare them .

    I think that Wallace is suited to be a steeler and Johnson is suited to be a Lion .

    Wallace fits so well in our crop of receivers I wouldn't change him for Johnson even if I feal Johnson is a bit of a better commodity .

    And visversa

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    Its easoer to throw the ball up and have CJ come down with it! %%% are in his favor.

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    Are we seriously asking this? Megatron is a FREAK

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