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Thread: LaMarr Woodley Complains About Lack of Steelers Highlights on NFL Network

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    Well make some to put on the Network!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big T View Post
    I woudnt call it "complaining." it's not like he randomly brought it up in the lockerroom or something.
    No, but he wasn't asked, "hey LaMarr, what do you think about the Steelers not being on NFLN?" He was just like, "why don't you guys put the Steelers on more often?"

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    Woodley likes to stir the pot more than probably most people think. With such a big presence as James Harrison on the team, sometimes other guys get overlooked but Wood is a mean SOB on the field and isn't afraid to talk the talk off the field too. If it weren't for the whole Men's Journal article debacle by Harrison this offseason, Woodley would have been the biggest news maker for the Steelers.

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    Wood your on a roll on the field worry about that.....NFL Netowrk no worries man!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejsteeler View Post
    I hear ya but like he says at the end, anything that gets them motivated......I don't care what it is.
    If they need the lack of highlights on NFL network to get them motivated, then they should return their bazillions of dollars back to the Steelers and take up needle point or something.

    Oh and hey, Lamarr, here's a wild thought. Have some highlights first. Then NFL network will show them. Less talking, more highlights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    Plus they haven't played in any marquee games to date except for the Ravens and Texans, both of which they lost.

    Lost is a bit of an understatement.

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    woodlley is right, i watch the Patriots nfl network all the time. the only time we are on is when we lose. when we win there are very few highlights. you currently watch..

    the all winning palmer.. then brady, pats, pats coach, jets coach, martinez, newton, dalton, back to ponder, back to ginats, dallas, repeat back to the pats... throw in lots on the lions which is cool, they deserve some nfl time... then the lions talk starts up the packers , packers coach, rodgers, back to the pats.. then lombardi finishes off with the steelers are not real good routine.. he hates us...

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    I agree with Woodley on this...I've been bitching about this for the last few years...They cover the patriots, packers, and damn near everyone else all day everyday...even when the steelers win the superbowl, you don't really hear a lot about them on ESPN/ESPN2/NFL Network, etc....they are never the topic...and as far as recapping scores, they go in depth with almost every game, except the steelers games

    and I think it's funny that Sapp talks our D up, then calls them old and slow when they lose to the ravens, then is all over their nuts again after the seahawks game...I can't stand that douche

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    Why is he even worried about it for? Damn Wood, dont be bitching bout the tv, do your thing on the field thats all that matters.

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    Maybe if we had a better record than the Bills, Ravens, Pats, Chargers, Lions, Packers, etc. then we would be on alot more. In the offseason I see more Steelers specials than any other team....easily.
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    They are always going to cover the darlings more no matter how good the steelers are. We aren't glamorous or flashy enough for the media, and we don't light up the scoreboards with huge fantasy numbers like other teams (Yet, anyways) so we'll never get the coverage the darlings is foxboro, fagachusetts get.......

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