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Thread: Steelers place DE Aaron Smith on IR

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    Steelers place DE Aaron Smith on IR

    Per Ed Bouchette on Twitter:

    @EdBouchette: #steelers place Aaron Smith on IR ending his season & maybe his career. Sign Corbin Bryant DL from practice squad

    Aaron Smith’s season is over; career in*doubt
    Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on October 22, 2011, 2:57 PM EDT

    Steelers defensive end Aaron Smith, one of the most underrated players of his era, will end another season early because of injury.

    The team announced Saturday that Smith has been placed on injured reserve with a foot injury. The 35-year-old has played in only 15 games over the last three years because of various injuries. *Undrafted free agent defensive end*Corbin Bryant will replace him on the roster.

    On balance, Smith has probably been the most valuable Steelers defender over the last decade except for Troy Polamalu. *He did the dirty work up front so the outside linebackers could shine. *Smith has started since 2000.

    It’s worth wondering if this will be the end of the road for the 13-year veteran. *He started 152 games over that stretch.

    His career is over. Sucks. Once dominant but the last few years have been plagued by injuries. We all appreciate what Aaron was able to do for the defense.
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    Wow, best of wishes AS..

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    What a run this guy had. Certainly looking like the end of a really, really good career. Best wishes to Aaron.

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    Damn that sucks for him to probably have to hang it up like this! Good luck AS been a nice run!

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    Such a sad way to potentially finish a stellar career. The mind has been willing, the body unable. Damn shame, but hopefully he can continue to offer insight to the young guys because he sure as hell knows how to play the position.

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    So sad to see a great Steeler go out in this manner
    I thought A. gray was better than C. Bryant

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    If the steelers ever start a ring of honor this man certainly deserves to be in it. The best 3-4 defensive end in franchise history. so dominant, yet very underrated throughout his entire career. One of my all time favorites, hate to see his career end like this

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    Aaron Smith is one of my alltime favorite players and the man was so under-rated for years......Sucks his career had to end like this but he should retire now......I thought he deserved to comeback and try to go out on his own terms......But another injury its time to wrap it up Aaron....Thanks for the memories....

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    Damn. His career is over. Hopefully we can get him a ring in his last year.

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    No question this should be the last year for him. Having missed so much time in the last 3 years, it has to be tough on him and the team. It's such a disappointing finish to a stellar career for one of the best 34 defensive lineman in NFL history. He was the guy that all other lineman measured themselves up against. Lebeau always said that when Aaron is healthy he is unblockable and can out think any offensive lineman in the game.
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