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Thread: 2010 Injury Statistics vs. 2011 Statistics

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    2010 Injury Statistics vs. 2011 Statistics

    With all of the new rules the league has implemented in the name of safety, I wonder how injury statistics will compare this year with previous seasons.

    With lighter practices, the change in the kickoff rules, fines being handed out like flyers on the windshields of cars at strip mall parking lots, blah blah blah, I wonder how the statistics will compare. Concussions, for instance, more or less of them? Kickoff injuries, more? Less? Are these statistics even recorded? If not, what a total waste of effort by the league. And if they are, I am sure the league would skew the data.

    Does anyone have any insight?

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    From what I've heard, so far there is one more achilles injury this year than all of last year.

    That's about the extent of what I've heard so far though.

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