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Thread: One more win to get here for the Steelers before a tough 3 game stretch...

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    Patriots are going to bring their A-Game against the Steelers no matter what. It's the Steelers. How the Steelers perform in the AFC North the rest of the year is really the deciding factor in whether this team will make a playoff push.
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    This is the last "easy stretch" of games before the bye week. After that every game is winnable, even against current good teams like the 49ers and even the Bengals. This one is as important as any because the Steelers need all the momentum they can muster. The fact that the next 2 are at home after the Cards is a definite plus.

    I'm still not sold on the Bengals being anything special yet. Of their first 6 games the only teams they've played worth mentioning are the 49ers and Bills. They are 4-2 just like us right now, no clear cut front runner in the AFC regardless of what the Ravens have done so far.

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    iF anyone thinks we will be a one or two seed in the afc this year let then i dont know if you have been watching the same games as i have. I still dont see how we can beat the ravens if ngata is healthy. There is a ten percent chance we beat the pats and dont be surprised if we lose two or three against easy teams. I just hope we make the playoffs.
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    It's very cliche but every game in the NFL is a must win and this week is no different. AZ is in danger of being eliminated from winning their division with a loss and a 49ers win. This is their season in my opinion. Good news is that 'Pittsburgh West' should provide a nice number of Terrible Towels in the stands. Many fans out there...

    If you've been watching, LeBeau has been tinkering with nickel and dime packages in situations he normally wouldn't. This tells me he is prepping for the Pats. With that said, pressure is the key to beating Brady and we all know it. Being able to control the ball offensively and scoring TDs would help too.
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