I had made a thread on here a few weeks ago after the Steelers lost to the Texans and were 2-2 that they absolutely positively had to win the next 3 games coming up against the Titans and Jags at home and then followed by Arizona on the road and come out of that stretch at 5-2 before facing the Patriots and Ravens at home back to back weeks. Well so far 2 down and 1 to go. This game with the Cardinals this Sunday is another MUST win for the Steelers and a game they need to win period. As I have been saying on here for weeks the Ravens most likely now after their win against Houston yesterday will be 6-1 going into their rematch with the Steelers here on November 6th. They have the Jags and Cardinals up next on their schedule before they play the Steelers and while it would be great if one of them would somehow pull an upset I just dont see it at this point.

Also, this 2 game tough stretch looks like it's going to turn into a 3 game tough stretch seeing that the Bengals are up next for the Steelers after they play both the Patriots and Ravens on back to back weeks. The Bengals have a chance to be 5-2 after their bye week this coming week seeing that they have the Seahawks up next after their bye week. Plus, the Bengals defense is playing very well right now and the young QB Dalton is finding ways to win and at this moment playing mistake free football. Now we wont really know how good the Bengals are until they play the Steelers and Ravens back to back weeks in November but for the time being the Bengals are finding ways to be pesky and stay ahead of the Steelers in the standings with a 4-1 AFC Conference record to the Steelers 3-2.

So with that being said, this game in Arizona this Sunday will not be a gimmie game. The Cardinals have a good offense with Kolb and Fitzgerald and have guys that can hurt this Steelers defense. Plus, the Cardinals are also coming off their bye week and have had 2 weeks to prepare for the Steelers and you know Whisenhunt is still hell bent on beating the Steelers from the Super Bowl loss almost 3 years ago. They will be ready come Sunday in Glendale and give the Steelers a battle. The Steelers need this game in Zona in the worst way. Coming out of this game at 5-2 as opposed to 4-3 with the Patriots,Ravens,and Bengals up next on the schedule will set the Steelers up very well to make a run at the division still and still have a legit shot at getting one of those top 2 seeds in the AFC. The Steelers simply hold their own fate in their hands with those 3 games the following week after they play Arizona. It will go a long long way in determining if the Steelers will win the divsion or even make the playoffs.