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It is about time that someone lays down the law with Arians. This guy is a dipshit; sorry, nothing else to say. Ben gets out there and seemingly can't hit the broad side of a barn in the second half, so they do nothing but bomb it deep and do the ridiculously-predictable run into the line, even with eight men in the box. The guy calling a game that causes this team to three-and-out every time they step foot on the field screws this team just about every week. Yeah, Ben looked like a pile of **** later in that game, but quit calling passes he can't make: Do something else. It is called an adjustment, it's what good coaches do.

If the offense had continued to score points and take time off the clock, the roughing the punter penalty wouldn't have meant anything. Instead, they screwed the pooch.
Arians gets a pass in the trib and gazette every week. do these sports writers see what is happening in pittsburgh or are we wrong about arians? someone needs to jump on this guys crap and call it out. maybe then tomlin will listen if the media starts to hammer arians awful game plans..

the gazzette... oh wait lets blame the swirling wind on bens crappy passes. if its freaking swirling wind why is he going deep over and over in the second half.. does ben have a poster of aaron rodgers on his bedroom ceiling??? ben is not aaron..