We have been seeing this it seems all season now even during the games the Steelers win with these stupid personal foul penalties after the plays are over such as Mundy today trying to block a punt when youre up 17-3, or Pouncey and Wallace committing stupid fouls after the play in Houston that were big plays and costs the Steelers yardage. Also,Mike Tomlin had better get with it when it comes to his clock management and his challenging decisions. The catch Jason Hill made early in the 1st quarter was clearly not a catch and Tomlin didnt even think twice about challenging it. He did the samething last week when a ball hit the ground when a Titans receiver appeared to have caught it and it was ruled a catch which lead to a Titans TD and them getting new life and back into the game. Also, Tomlin's clock management before halftime was poor as well. He had 2 timeouts and waited until the 3rd down play was over with and there was only 13 seconds left, where as if he had used both of the timeouts he had he could have got better field position and maybe got in FG range. As we saw yesterday every single point mattered in that game yesterday. It just seemed like after the Steelers got up 17-0 they sleptwalked through the rest of the game and did soooo many stupid things that just kept the Jags in the game. This has got to stop the upcoming weeks with the Pats and Ravens up next on the schedule the next 3 weeks or so.