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Thread: The Difference Between This Year And Last Year

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    Quote Originally Posted by uclkyle View Post
    My top three reasons for stuggling this year (in no particular order):
    1) Defense not creating turnovers and big plays in critical situations
    2) Poor offensive line play / injuries and subs on o-line
    3) Ben and the receivers not on the same page. I'm not putting it all on Ben. Seems to me, IMHO, a large percentage of the passing game not working is a result of mis-reads or wrong routes by young WR
    All very good points. This team and really every team lives and dies by the offensive line play. Thank goodness that group has started to show signs of life here in the last 2 weeks thanks in large part to Max Starks' return.

    Turnovers continue to haunt our defense, they just can't seem to come up with any. It makes things so much easier on the offense when you get the ball back quickly and drive right down the field again and keep the momentum in your favor.

    Ben is to blame as much as anyone, we know he's been uncharacteristically off this season at times. Some of it due to pressure yes, but some of it due him just over throwing receivers. Part of that can be attributed to his foot injury. Either way though guys like Brown and Sanders are seeming to have an issue with routes in game situations. For every good play they make they also get clearly out of position on another. The timing will come with time and experience, being able to get on the same page as Ben and pretty much read his mind.

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    Could be a lot worse. You could be a fan of a team like the Vikings who are just getting clobbered by teams as are the Indianapolis Colts.
    "Tell Us About Your Seats at Heinz Field"

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    We are in really good shape schedule wise we have six must win games left 2 browns 2 bengals 1 raven 1 49'ers

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