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Thread: Taylor vs asomugha

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    im not a fan boy twit, brady is a prissy bitch and i hope he gets hammered on every play. but that doesnt change the fact that he's fng dangerous with a football. im sorry if it bothers you that i am capable of respecting the skill of an opponent without liking them in the least. the only teams i like less than the pats are dallas and baltimore. why is this concept so hard to get through your skull?
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    this is the taylor vs namdi thread...

    but really more like Arians vs Belicheat .. Not sure of Arians record against Belecheat but it isnt pretty.

    If we would stay on the field and score more .... Brady would have to watch a lot more football. But Advantage Belecheat... he seems to keep us off the score board..

    The only question is how can Belecheat really figure out Arians if we cant??

    Belecheat must be a defensive genius... :-)

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