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Thread: Brady Quinn

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    Brady Quinn

    It does my heart good to see anything associated with Notre Dame go down in flames and Brady Quinn is the latest source of joy for me.

    This guy may never start a game in the NFL again. Imagine being Quinn sitting at the #2 QB position and Tebow goes in ahead of you and then becomes the source of the latest NFL comedy routine with Tebow being named the starter.

    Only the Browns would trade up to take this guy in the first round!

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    His sister is hot!

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    HaHa!!!!!!!!!!!! That is funny! I have never liked Brady Quinn. I too can't stand notre dame and he's always seemed like a "pretty boy." I never thought he was going to be a good NFL QB especially when it was the brownies that ended up drafting him.

    I did think that Jimmy Clausen was going to be good, couldn't have been more wrong about that one. It pains me to admit that because like I said, I can't stand notre dame, but I did.

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