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Thread: Predictions for Jaguars vs Steelers

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    The question is... Can Arians adjust when Jax rolls the corners to take away the short passing game? IMO, it won't matter because we'll find ways to score. 27-13 Stillers
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    I'm gonna say that we will win 31-3 Gabbert has never seen anything like the steel 3-4 . Which means all we need to key on is lewis and drew

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    if gilbert plays. 31-17

    if gilbert is out. 20-17

    We have a harder time with beefy RB's i give them 17.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BR7 View Post
    27 - 7. Jones-Drew gets one just because he's on my FF team.
    He's on 2 of mine. Thinking of benching him in 1 for Mendenhall because I think the Steelers will stop him since they have no passing game.

    Steelers 23
    Jags 10

    LOL @ your avatar

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    I predict that Arians will revert to what he does best and we will struggle to win with Ben winning it with the no-huddle 21-17

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    Steelers wear down Jags, suffocate MJD and rest of offense, Steelers win 30-10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stone View Post
    I predict that Arians will revert to what he does best and we will struggle to win with Ben winning it with the no-huddle 21-17
    until arians can show consistency with what actually works...and not his normal brain dead game plan....i won't feel comfortable that the steelers will not struggle. plus they have a tendency to play down to their competition.

    so i agree with stone on this one.

    steelers 23
    jags 16
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    Another *** kicking by the steelers. 41-17

    Jags get some late points while steelers on prevent.

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    Run defense for the Steelers will be key in this game....If the Steelers can stop Jones-Drew then I think the Steelers will win in a blow out....If Jones-Drew has a good to great game then it will be a close game even with the jags pulling out the win.....However I like the Steelers big time in this game....

    Steelers 41


    Big Ben throws for 300+ and 4 TD's...two to Wallace, one to Brown, one to Miller.......

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    The Jags do have a history of playing us tough and making our offense struggle. I was very encouraged with how our O finally got rolling in that last game though and I think Arians shocks us all and comes through with another nice game plan. I also think Troy gets of the schnide (sp?) with a pick 6 and in general our D plays very well outscoring the Jags by themselves:

    Stillers win 45-10.

    I hate to do that, but I'm going to anyway. This is the week we finally shut up all the critics and put fear back into the rest of the league.

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