We are a family of 7 adults seeking to tailgate with someone or group at the 11/6/11 Ravens game.
We are part of Steelers Nation. All 7 of us are traveling considerable distance. None of us live in PA but my family roots are in Windber. My wife and I are coming from CT. My daughter is flying in from ME. My son and his wife are flying in from MA. My other son is flying in from Port Au Prince, Haiti, and his girl friend is flying in from OR. We are all staying in a hotel within walking distance of the stadium. It makes no sense to drive to the stadium and pay for parking. We'd like to walk to the stadium and join someone or some group to tailgate. We'll figure out the logistics of what to bring and how to bring it if someone is willing to host. Our seats are in Upper Level North, Gate C, 500 section, Rows DD and EE and in the teens. We figure we can use cell phones to find each other.
A Steelers fan since I was born but lived all but the first 5 years in CT. New to this "addicts" site. Hope this request didn't break any rules.
Go Steelers!