I always get a kick out of fans who actually believe they know more than an NFL coach, arguably one the best football minds in the world. That being said, Bruce Arians is an idiot!

There is no question that he knows more about X's and O's than I do but he seems so darn stubborn about "his system".

1. A deaf, dumb, and blind man could understand that the Steelers should operate a quick passing game but it took him until week 5 to do it!

2. We all know that last year, our O-line was better on the right side but you simply can't design every run play to the right where the D is waiting.

3. We have the toughest WR in all of football......the perfect guy to hit on quick hitting routes.

I NEVER criticize the Steelers ownership or front office because they have proven themselves!

I NEVER criticized Noll or Cowher because they get paid big money to do what they do and I don't earn a penny coaching football.

I really wonder why Tomlin hasn't done anything about Arians...........I'm going to assume he is working on it behind the scenes and is too big of a man to talk about publicly.................it's the only way I can feel good about it!