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hell no.

i love dwyer though, the dude put on a significant amount of weight since he was at GT and just rumbles and has some decent quicks on him.

i still loathe redman though, he did nothing to change that on sunday. hes very average
If any one "rumbles", it's Redman. I love his unwillingness to go down after first contact **cough Willie, Mendy cough** and his ability to always gain that extra yard or two...or three. He's very tough to bring down. Redman isn't the fastest or biggest, but he has a ton of heart.

I also like Dwyer alot too, I have for awhile. He has great instincts and real potential; plus he tossed me an autographed hat after the ATL preseason game.

I agree that Mendy should get his job back, as he has the most natural talent of the three. Mendy is great at times, then he has you pulling your hair out. It would be great to see Mendy, Redmen, and Dwyer get equal workloads.