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Thread: Should Redman be the feature back or does Rashard get his job back?

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    Should Redman be the feature back or does Rashard get his job back?

    Rashard suited up for the game on Sunday vs the Titans but never saw the field. When Redman went down with injury he began warming up on the sidelines; stretching, doing quick sprints, etc. However Tomlin never put him in the lineup as Jonathan Dwyer finished out the game.

    Something else I noticed and maybe some of you did too. When the CBS camera's were on Mendenhall at various times during the game when the offense was on the field, not once did I see him cheering on the team or talking to the other backs. Now I realize we didn't have access to him for the whole 60 minutes but I found it odd that he was just standing there, almost with this sulking look on his face. When Redman went down they showed Rashard right after that and his eyes lit up as he started getting ready to hopefully go in. It just seemed to me that he wasn't being the most supportive teammate he could have been. Again I realize I may be off on this but that's how I took it.

    As far as the game goes though, since he is Arians' proclaimed "workhorse", should he get his job back when he's healthy again? The Steelers need to be careful with this team right now. The win was great on Sunday but clearly Redman and Dwyer have the hot hand right now; being married to the notion that Rashard should get his job back as the starter may not necessarily be the way to go. As I've said before, Mendy is a very good back and nobody should think otherwise. He's talented and has done a lot for this team. However in today's NFL, especially when you're struggling, sometimes you need a spark. If that spark comes from someone else then so be it. It's all about winning now because you only have so many chances each year.
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