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Thread: Heath Miller

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    Heath Miller

    Miller looked solid for the first time in a long time yesterday. Maybe because he is finally getting the ball more but I really liked seeing our tight ends getting some playing time and proving their value on the team.
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    Loved seeing heath out there!! He's truly amazing!!

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    Heath has been money for such a long time, but we'll never see his full potential being utilized in a Steelers offense. If they actually used him like Colts, Patriots, and Chargers use their tight ends, Miller would have every bit as good a stats as those guys do.

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    I cant believe they targeted him more than once. If BA keeps this kind of playcalling up for the rest of the year he should get a cotract ext.

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    If he didnt have to block when we play teams with great pass rushers, we would see alot more of him

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stairwayto7 View Post
    If he didnt have to block when we play teams with great pass rushers, we would see alot more of him
    Agreed. Miller is always solid at whatever he is doing. Most of the time it's blocking so it goes unnoticed.

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    Heath will always be solid as long as the ball is thrown his way.

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    I couldn't believe the offensive play calling: They put in tight ends to chip on blocks and then run a route to get open. I was like, "WOAH! You can protect your QB AND act as a receiver?"

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