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Thread: Is it just me or does Dwyer resemble THE BUS or what !

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    I think he does. Now, we would be crazy to start considering him the second coming of the Mighty Jerome Bettis, but from a style standpoint I can see where you'd say that. He's got a big frame, runs hard, and has decent quickness and speed for a guy his size. Only time will tell how well he does but he is starting out pretty well after that debacle in training camp.

    One thing though, the dude needs to work on his blitz pickup..OUCH. We actually he just needs to do it period, LOL.
    See, you get what I'm saying.

    He's got big legs like Jerome did as well.

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    I noticed he puts his head down before he hits the hole but if he hit it he was usually positive yards.
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    I gotta say I was really impressed with the speed that Dwyer had hitting that hole on his first carry. He saw the line and just took off with somewhat surprising acceleration for a bigger back. Hell he was outrunning defensive backs for a good 40 yds before they finally were able to pin him to the sidelines and force him out.

    Late in the game the Titans were selling out to stop the run because they knew the Steelers would try and shorten the game. So yeah Dwyer still has a lot to learn about running in that situation. I noticed him doing some dancing and hesitation and then he had no chance. He'll get better with more experience, but he's showing good flashes so far.

    The offensive line responded to both his and Redman's style as well, something we haven't seen all year.

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