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Thread: Woodley showed up today....wonder why?

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    I wonder if playing beside Hood had anything to do with that? Hood seems to do a solid job rushing the passer, so when an offense has to account for two guys on one side, somebody will eventually get free.

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    It's been said too many times already but the 3-4 D starts with the DL, especially the middle. Hampton or whoever is playing DT needs to stay upright and force the OL to deal with that mass in the middle. LeBeau and Tomlin (if he had anything to do with it) did a good job of preparing for this game by rotating the DL and keeping fresh legs in there. Hopefully those adjustments will stick and we see that through February. The Steelers are a force to be reckoned with on both sides of the ball, the coaching staff should by God already know this and game plan accordingly. Like Troyisabeast43 and others have said, this was a statement must win game, we did both. Now they need to come out each game both pissed off and remembering the start of the season and put a *** whoopin on everyone. This is the year we get the Patriot monkey off our back!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelDad View Post
    Wood was obviously much better yesterday but I'm not going to anoint him the next Greg Lloyd yet until he can dominate a game on his own. He was much better in the pass rush yesterday but it was clear that our D-line being better aided him getting to the QB. Consistency has always haunted Wood, but I hope this is a start to a huge rest of the year.
    Are you serious? Really??? This is the key for ANY LB in the NFL to be getting to the QB!!! Why are you people always on his ***? If our fat NT isn't doing his job, then it breaks down systematically on down the line to the LBs and then to the DBs! Same with the O-line! If they don't block, QB gets killed. They don't open holes, RB cant run. It's simple, it all starts with lines!!!

    Watch Detroit last night? That D-line destroyed Chicago! Made the rest of the D look good...

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    Penetration and not overpursuing the running back. WHen they ran the stretch play, Johnson started one way and then looked to cut back across pursuit. Nothing was there because backside defenders kept backside contain. Impressive vs a supposedly talented Titans O-Line.

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