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Thread: Thank you Bruce Arians for implementing the short passing game

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    In a situation like that, it is hardly ever the QBs fault as it is him who calls the shots. So as much as Id love to throw it on BA, that one was on the WRs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    well maybe the WR's need to get their heads in the game as well....Dan Marino beat the Jets on a fake spike back in the mid 90s thanks to his WR being on the same page as him.....
    You just had a feeling Ben was going to try and throw that one instead of spiking it. I just didn't have a good feeling though, the WR's didn't look like they were ready for it. So yeah that one is on the pass catchers as much as it was Ben for maybe leading his target just a tad too much. Either way it could have been a big play and it's something they better be ready for.

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    finally we have seen the short game... BA keep that up.
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    It only took Ben to get a sprained foot, but BA did a good job today

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelersbabex25 View Post
    I don't think anyone but Ben was on the same page as Ben for that play.
    I'm not so sure about that. I think E.Sanders was the player without a clue on that play, Ward was running ahead of Sanders getting ready to block , Sanders simply never turned around.

    This is whats so disturbing about BA, I know he's not an idiot he just has trouble coming up with a game plan that fits out system. Today he showed he can do it and we all know that next week we'll be cursing and scratching out heads again.
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    Very good game plan. I think Hines comment earlier in the week was because he was finally happy with the game plan. He knew it was going to work and it did.
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    Great game plan today!! Even a blind squirrel (arains) finds a nut once in a while... Now let's see if he can do it 2 weeks in a row...

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    As much as I rip on Arians, have to give him his due. Very well-designed gameplan yesterday. Was a little surprised we didn't see the 'pistol' yesterday. That was brought out against Baltimore last year when Ben had a similar foot issue. That aside, BA stayed with what was working which is positive for him. The decent running game helped a lot too.
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    See how good a patched together oline looks with decent play calling??

    Good job Bruce, you get a 1 week pass! lol

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    Bruce Arians still needs to go.
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