Ben was only sacked once today. He had all kinds of time to throw the ball when he did need it for the most part. Fortunately though, he took the quick passing and ran with it. Ben was able to make the quick drop, find his target and get rid of the ball. When you combine that the good play of Max Starks and the offensive line playing better than they have all year long and you can see just how effective it was.

Ben was 24/34 for 228 yds. 5 TD's and 1 INT. The INT was a total miscommunication between him and the WR's to his right. Ward was there and I believe Wallace too. The most important stat though was only 1 sack. I don't care if he has 150 yds or 350 yds, you get rid of the ball and good things happen for you. This is what the fans have been screaming for, for years. Especially this year though with the way the offensive line has played and the way Ben was getting killed all year. When the pressure comes at you and you are having problems handling it, the only logical way to counter that is to run the ball and use the quick/short passing game.

I haven't felt that comfortable and relaxed watching a Steelers game in a long time, LOL. Give credit where it's due. For as much as we and the rest of the Steeler Nation complains about Arians, he called a good game today and made the adjustments needed to help the offense move the ball