Poor Man’s Hamburger Helper/ Great Protein Lo Carbs

Ingredients: 1 Cup of Uncle Ben’s Brown Minute rice. 1 serving of Lean ground hamburger meat (I use 96% fat free). Fat free cheddar and fat free mozzarella cheese. Chicken fajita seasoning. Taco Seasoning.

Boil the water per normal minute rice instructions. When the time comes to add the rice, add some of the chicken fajita seasoning cover and let soak. Ground up the meat and cook in a frying pan add taco seasoning. When there is about 2 minutes left until the meat is fully cooked, add the rice and a little fat free cheddar and mozzarella cheese. You use “almost” a ¼ of a cup of cheese, but not quite for one serving. Mix together let cheese melt and serve. This is extremely delicious and quiets even the harshest critics!