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Thread: The time has come for the offense to help out the defense

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    The time has come for the offense to help out the defense

    Hines said exactly what i've been saying for years, one day the defense was going to need the offense to carry us to the promise land and the time is now. We're set up perfectly to go back to the dance people. My reasons for saying that is.....

    1. We have young ,hungry, fast, sure handed receivers.
    2. We have 2 thumpers and 2 scat backs.
    3. The offense no longer has the security blanket of the great stingy defense that would man up when the time came.

    I always felt the offense would come out slow and carefree for years because they figured the D would stop the other offense until they got fired up. With the D having issues and James Harrison being hurt ,which I thought would never happen the offense needs to turn the corner. We have to put points on the board to protect our defense. We have the offense to do it they just can't take those 3 downs for granted.

    I think Redman will run like a mad man which in turn will fire up the o-line and make them play a little more angry like in the preseason. Those guys played about 5 seconds past the whistle every play in the preseason, especially Foster. Then you can hit them with Mendenhall for the shifty runs that's he's great for. That should open the door for our young bucks on the outside to have their way.

    To go through this turmoil this early in the season will be a blessing for these guys. The Offense will play with more urgency and allow the D to get the kinks worked out.
    James getting an eye injury was the best thing for us believe it or not because, it shouldn't hender him from working out but it will give him and his back a rest and allow some of his strength to return without him getting rusty. That means when we're in the thick of the season we get a dominate player back with fresh legs in time to make a run for the playoffs and the superbowl.

    Bottomline just like in '05 when a lot of people on this site wrote them off i'm still riding with them. I can see it and I believe it.
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