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Thread: Score predictions for Titans vs Steelers

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    Score predictions for Titans vs Steelers

    Consider the state of the Steelers right now as you think about what the score will be. How well they stop Chris Johnson will go a long way to determining a win or not.

    For the offense, will this combination of offensive lineman finally be the one that is able to do the job and stay healthy?

    I'm going to say the Steelers win this one simply because at this point they are pissed off, tired of losing, and tired of not playing up to their potential.

    Steelers 24
    Titans 14

    Big Ben has about 250 yds passing.
    Isaac Redman gets 80-90 on the ground.

    This is the week, believe it or not, that the Steelers run defense shows up. With all the flack they've taken they will step up to the plate and hold Johnson to about 60 yds. rushing.

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    I really, really, really hate to do this, and I did pick the Steelers in my weekly picks, but.

    Titans 20
    Steelers 13

    Ben, 180yards
    Redman 70 yards

    I think Bens gonna be running for his life this game. James is out so I don't think we can stop the run cuz you got Timmions and Foote/Farrier on the left side.

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    I hope I'm wrong, but with the way they've been playing flat lately, as well as the injuries, I don't see them winning this week.

    Titans 27
    Steelers 17

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    I think the Steelers are going to win, 5-4.

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    Steelers 24
    Titans 20

    Ben gets 255 and 1 td
    Redman gets 90 yds and a td too
    Sweezy gets a FG

    The D Line is going to step up and stop the run since the game is at home
    Troy get 2 pics (1 pic 6)


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    Titans 13
    Steelers 17

    Ben get's about 250 yard passing and Redman gets close to 70-80 yards on the ground. I think this team won't let themselves fall to 2-3. They will find a way to win somehow.

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    Steelers are gonna get back on track in a huge way in this game, mark it down.

    Steelers: 27
    Titans: 10

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    I think the Steelers still have too much talent to to take the swirly! They will step up this week and look like a playoff caliber team winning 27-17 in a strong defensive effort.

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    Us - 17

    Them - 31

    CJ has a HUGE day, 170+ yards, 3 TD's.

    They're getting their badass FB back this week...

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    Neither wind nor weather will be a factor, look for Titans to test running game vs Steelers defense early and often. The Old defense will be a little younger this weekend with some vet starters out, and I believe this will be the difference in stopping the run and righting the ship on defense.

    Offensively, the O-Line is doing it's best Fletch impersonation with yet another set of starters for the 5th week in a row. Redman will be carrying the rock, forcing the defense to respect the running game more than the past 4 games. This should open up the passing game and give Ben time to throw and also keep him more upright.

    Steelers 23
    Titans 19

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