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Thread: Keys to the game for beating the Titans

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    Keys to the game for beating the Titans

    The Steelers have a tough game coming up, nobody is thinking this will be an automatic win by any stretch. Even playing at home the Steelers have much to prove. The task will not be easy with one of the best running backs in the league faces them yet again. Letting Chris Johnson run rampant is a recipe for disaster. The Steelers must stop in at all cost.

    At this point I would take my chances with Hasselbeck vs the Steelers secondary if it means they have to sell out to stop the run. At all cost you crash the linebackers right up the middle and force him to bounce it outside where you can string out the play and let the pursuit of the outside backers and safeties make the play. If you are lucky enough to get some penetration with the pass rush for once, that's all the better. Even then though you have to be careful. As we saw last week when Woodley and Polamalu collided in the back field and let Foster go free for a big gainer.

    Play gap sound defense, stay in your lanes, make the tackle...plain and simple. Anything else and you can write this one off as another loss.

    On offense, assuming Ben plays, I know it won't happen but use the short passing game. The Titans defensive line is nothing spectacular but they have been productive this year. A bunch of no names but that doesn't mean the Steelers can sleep on them. They are going to blitz Ben repeatedly unless the Steelers line, whoever is in there, proves they can stop it. If Ben can get into a rhythm early that will help everything fall into place and make game much easier to manage. If the Titans are able to get pressure early they are going to keep bringing it and the landslide of the first 4 weeks will snowball into week 5.

    Run the ball with Isaac Redman. He's the back you need right now and he's earned the chance to show what he's got. This notion of, "it's Mendenhall's job" just because is total bull. They are cheating themselves out of win if they don't atleast try to get Redman going and stick with him.

    Overall this game is very winnable, but I'm certainly not guaranteeing anything close to a win at this point.

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    Protect the franchise.....Give Ben time and we will win most football games.....

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    I'm looking for Ziggy Hood to step up this week. He's been in the lineup significantly this season both in the rotation and last week when Smith went down with the foot injury.

    He spent a lot of time in the opponents backfield last year either making the play or making the ball carrier change direction so others could make the play.

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    They have to do the simple things in football.

    3.Stay Disciplined
    4.Control the clock

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    99 and 97 need to be GOOD!

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    Protect, Run, Stop Run, Pressure = Win
    Coming to you live from the Fortress of Steelertude!

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    Casey Hampton or Hoke& Mclendon is the key to stuffing the run if they can anchor the middle nobody runs but when he gets chopped they run

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    After reading each week what the keys to victory should be (all good comments) I have to believe that the team just needs to play with some enthusiasm. We all know what needs to done as far as protection, run stopping, and the vanilla offense. We also know that the team knows these same issues, but the question is, will MT "subscribe" to personally challenging them to perform with more heart?

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    Stay out of 3rd and long.
    BEN: When you get sacked, cover up the &^$% ball! Don't force feed WR's, no happy feet.
    O-Line - 3.5 seconds, amount of time Been will need to find WR.
    RB's: Positive yardage, no dancing. No hole, MAKE ONE.
    WR's - Recognize Hot route opportunity and adjust. Drive DB's off ball.

    Create 2nd and 3rd and long situations.
    Gang Tackle
    Take away cutback lanes.
    Don't telegraph blitzes

    DO what you do.

    Adjust game plan
    sunbtitute as needed.
    Don't waste challenges
    Win the toss, take the ball.

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    Titans have a pretty good kick returner in Marc Mariani. Can't let him run any back.

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