The word is that Starks is going to move to RT, and Scott will stay at LT when healthy. That puts Gilbert back on the bench with Essex; both of whom would be the reserves.

If this thought process holds up; clearly the coaches have yet to figure this out once again. You put Max back at his old spot at LT, keep Gilbert at RT. Atleast with Marcus you have potential and an upside to look forward too. You know what you already have in J. Scott and it's not good. I can live with the growing pains that we'll have with Gilbert. I can't live with J. Scott at LT; there's just no sense to keep it up. He's regressed from last year and Ben is getting crushed. As I said this is what the rumors are now that Max is back. We can hope that coaches figure out that Max needs to be on the left side but I'm not holding my breath.

At this point the line just needs to develop some continuity and constantly swapping out players is just going to prolong the agony. Now certainly you can't account for injuries; in those cases your hand is forced sometimes into putting players into situations you'd rather now. This team needs to find some combination of 5 guys that can atleast start and finish the game together and being to develop some continuity.