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Thread: Starks to play at RT; clearly the wrong move yet again

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    everyones all doom and gloom the sky is falling end of the world...everyone hates the coaches
    Ktrain. Fire Arians is my motto.

    Hes the rotten potatoe spreading death thru the team.

    No scoring, 3 point redzone, turn over ratios, OL Players going down taking on the bull rushes for 4 qtrs, defense on the field forever, no first downs....

    Never changes his scheme... year after year.. the teams have us figured out...

    We will have to change.. then our offense will work. Not sure how bad the casualties will be before we change our game planning. but i figure change is coming sooner than later.

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    With all the self proclaimed talent and weapons on the offense, if they continue to sputter, there is no way Arians is brought back in 2012.

    I've supported Arians as much as I could (good system, numbers, etc.), but playcalling stinks and his aoofense iss much too predictable.

    Starks belongs at left tackle, bottom line.

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    Arians gotta go has been the theme around here for years...What I don't get is everyone calling for Lebeau's , I mean his scheme has been great for years and is still being used and copied around the league.Now all of a sudden,with sub par defensive line play,it's time for him to go?? Give him a line that does it's job and the defense works,pure and simple. I'd rather have the originator then some body that copies his system...

    BITE ME ICS!...Woodsonsgirl

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    His code has been cracked.

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