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Thread: Who do you hope is gone next year?

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    Farrior - He no longer offers consistency in the middle. While he was a pleasant surprise last year, his play has declined substantially and he is no longer an asset.

    Hampton - A 34 NT plugs gaps and this one doesn't. He has been a surprise the last few seasons, but it seems like age has finally caught up with him.

    McFadden - Always hurt, never plays and when he does, he is average, at best. Wasted cap room right now and a shame considering how well he played prior to going to Arizona.

    Smith - He simply isn't the end that he once was. Unfortunately, I think the injuries have prevented him from maintaining his strength and he no longer is capable of his old style of play. If your end doesn't occupy blocks or chip in on the run game, he needs to improve or be replaced. At Smith's age, I think it's the latter, unfortunately.

    Colon - He is a mediocre tackle to begin with and now always hurt. With such a significant cap hit, I'd rather see the Steelers try to trade him away to a team like Chicago (if they are still interested) and call it a day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlacknGold Bleeder View Post
    What's with all the hating period?? We all knew coming into the year this was gonna be the last hoorah for a lot of players, and everybody still thought we would be all right.What nobody saw coming was how terrible the O line would be playing. It starts with them as far as any offensive production, it's kinda hard to throw the ball to anybody from your backside...
    The defensive problems were not counted on either, sure there were questions about Smith's health and effectiveness but I don't see Ziggy actually dominating things either. We did know Farrior speed had slowed some and expected less playing time form him also, but again wo has stepped up in his absence?? The D line is losing their battles ,in part because of chop blocking and also because of age. If the D line doesn't get pressure or hold their own ,then the rest of the defense suffers ,pure and simple. They have to occupy the lineman for the linebackers to be effective. We won't even talk about the missed tackles ,which are the most aggravating!! If the first person to make a hit would actually make the tackle ,things would be different...
    Are there some players that this is going to be their last year,yep,I can see Smith, Farrior, McFadden, hopefully BA, and maybe a few more. who do we have to take their places,ain't nobody been a standout in their replacement roles.
    4 games into the season and everybody is throwing the team under the bus. Do we expect more from our team,hell yeah we do because we cheer for the STEELERS !! Also realize that we can't win it all every year but that's the way the NFL is set's called parity....
    If the Steelers can come out of this 5 game stretch upcoming with the Titans,Jags,Cards,Pats,and Ravens in which 4 of those 5 games are at home at Heinz Field at either 4-1 or even 3-2 with one of those 3 or 4 wins coming against the Ravens the rest of the Steelers schedule the rest of the way is very very conducive to them getting on a run and winning at least 11 games possibly more...

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    I would not want Ben gone. Despite the teams poor performance, he has put up good numbers. There is a very short list of qb's who do half as good in this situation.

    I would love to see a new oc though.

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    really... who do we get??... 2 OL FA's and a top OL Draft Pick and One FA CB.. and One Top Safety Draft pick..

    Clear out whoever isnt playing.....

    almost forgot, fire arians..

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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    They'll be fine, but sending them in for a play or two will not help. IMO Hood should be starting not slow *** Smith...
    Not disagreeing with u. I want Keenan Lewis more, and worilds for Harrison just while he is out. And I want to see Sylvester get a shot

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmerrifield View Post
    I know its early, but 25% of the way through the season, who do you hope is no longer with the Steelers next year. For me, its Ward, Battle, Moore, J. Scott (at least as a starter), Kemo, Hampton, Smith, Farrior, Clark, McFadden and Will Allen. For coaches, I would like to see LeBeau and Bruce Arians gone. What about you?
    All these guys have in one way or another contributed to the success of the Steelers over the years so it's hard to say who I want gone. WHo I think should retire or be phased out, well let's see:

    Arians: antiquated system, too predictable, need fresh perspective, a system which will better utilize Steelers offensive talents and short-comings.

    Dixon: Nothing to contribute, currently has best seat in the house.
    J.Scott: Not an NFL Starter
    Trai Essex: See J.Scott
    Kemo: Overrated, oft injured.
    Hines: One of my favorite players of all time, but it's time to pass the torch. Up next, HOF!
    C. Hoke: Best days are behind him, Steelers have to "get youndger" on defense.
    A. Smith: One of the all time greats, but it's time, ineffective.
    J. Farrior: Shell of his former self, Cerebral, but too slow.
    L. Foote: As a backup, he can stay, otherwise, we have some nice parting gifts for you.
    B-Mac: He sucks.
    R. Clark: Good run support, no presence in pass coverage, Steelers can do better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JShare86 View Post
    Wow after all Hines has done for this team just see u later huh? I think he's deserved to go out on his own terms his game was never based on speed he's played the same way since he was a rookie
    I completely agree with you. Hines has done so much for this organization I don't think it would be fair just to part ways like that. Let him decide when he leaves and if that happens to be next year then so be it.

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    I too would hope Hines would leave on his own terms. I figure if he gets 1000 receptions (needs 33 more, avg of 2.75 per remaining games), he will likely retire. Worst thing in sports or in life is staying somewhere longer than you probably shouold have.

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    I posed this earlier in the season, any changes for anybody after 11 weeks of football? Not really any changes for me, its still Smith, Hampton, Farrior, Clark, McFadden, Ward, J. Scott, Kemo, Battle and N. Allen (which if all these guys go, it will get us under the cap).

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    In other words just keep Tomlin, Ben and the youngsters and get rid of everybody else.

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