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Thread: New Here :) Questions about a home game?

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    Talking New Here :) Questions about a home game?

    Hi all

    I had posted this on another steelers forum, but then I found this one, and I like it alot better. Also, please let me know if I am posting in the wrong section, as I didn't see one that quite fit that well! Cheers everyone

    So me and my boyfriend will be flying up this weekend for the game, and to visit family in Ohio. I've never really been out of California, and this will be my first NFL game! And 2 of his friends will be going to the game with us too.

    We were hoping another of his friends would be going to the game so we could all tailgate together but looks like he bought tickets for the game after this one. Now, our plans are to go to this bar (guess its good for pre-game drinking) and then walk around some of the parking lots before hand.

    I was really hoping to get the full experience of tailgating, since who knows when we will be able to make it to another game.

    Does anyone have suggestions on what would be cool to see? Particularly in the tailgating area? I've seen a few posts with others from out of town joining tailgaters, but it looks like with peoples flakiness, that is dying down.

    It would be awesome to find someone who would let us pitch in for food and beer so we can really get the full experience of a Steelers home game!


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    We have a tailgate every home game that I'm sure you'd be welcome to attend if you like. Stlrs4life heads up one and always has plenty of food and beer. Just bring some money to contribute to the munchies or bring your own food and he'll cook it for you.

    You will find him in Blue Lot 7F, on the corner of Federal, and LaCoick Streets. Look for a White GMC Sierra, and a Yellow Ford Escape. Call me at 724-651-9626 if yas get lost.

    That's where he usually has them this year as far as I know. If you stop by just tell him you're with SteelerAddicts.

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    Have a blast

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    and enjoy the site

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