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Thread: I thought "the standard is the standard"

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    The standard must be below a midgets knee.

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    One thing we have to consider, although we didnt look good against Balt. we still lost to a good texans team, and we were in it easily had chances to win. We came into the year with a mediocre line, and lost 3 starters already, Im giving Tomlin the benefit of doubt here, and Im going to give him some time to starighten the ship.

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    Even Noll preferred vets over rookies, I believe it's the Rooney way also not just our coaches way, I just wanna c Tomlin bring in a new O-coordinator and new D-coordinator we need new schemes these schemes have been here since BC was coach,and seeing that our current o-line can't get the job done we mine as well get the young player as much game experience as possible, we will be alright we have had more winning seasons then losing seasons we just have to have a great 2012 draft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    Steeler coaches don't like rookies, they don't trust them. It takes a lot for a young player, especially on defense, to crack the lineup for any reason other than injury to the starter. It's a mindset that's been part of the Steeler philosophy for decades to come.
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    They took a chance on Pouncey last year and I'd say it worked out pretty well. Would love to see Sylvester get some playing time and keep Foote on Specials.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXBURGH View Post
    Even Noll preferred vets over rookies, I believe it's the Rooney way also not just our coaches way
    I believe it was in an interview last year Art II said he wanted to see younger players contribute more. M.T. just wasn't paying attention.

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