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Thread: Defensive blame falls on the guys you love the most

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    You can't blame this one on Will Gay, Ryan Clark, or Keenan Lewis. Thank goodness the Texans didn't bother passing that much today, they didn't need to.

    The defensive blame for this one falls squarely on the guys you love the most. The guys that have helped propel our beloved Steelers to 2 super bowls and 3 appearances. Guys' who's jersey's you wear every Sunday. Players who are legendary among Steelers fans and ones you thought would last forever.

    James Harrison, Lamarr Woodley, Casey Hampton, Aaron Smith, James Farrior, Larry Foote. These are guys that we all thought were timeless, invincible, ones that will "find a way to make a play".

    Did the Steelers let Hampton, Farrior, and Smith hang on a year too long? It would appear so atleast through the first quarter of the 2011 season. That's not something you normally see out of this team. They make a living out of letting guys go at just the right time. I attribute guys like Farrior and Hampton, and Smith still being around to the front office not getting competent reserves as much as an anything.

    As much as you hate to do it, Lebeau falls into this blame too. He can only do so much with the players he has but perhaps he expected more out of his veterans than what he is getting as well.
    Agree especially as it relates to LeBeau who usually gets a pass in these areas. Secondary is playing well so far. But defense can't line up the same way all the time without adjusting to the run game and expect to stop the run. Never though I would see the day when I got excited because the STeelers held a RB to a 3 yard gain. The front 3 just are not getting it done and the LB's are getting caught up in traffic.

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    The secondary playing well is a bit of a misleading fact. Nobody is bothering to pass on us because they can make a living running the ball. Perhaps this will give them time to get their act together so once we do stop the run eventually, the secondary will be ready to defend the pass.

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    We are finally seeing the effects of an aging defense that needs some youth to take over.

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