Mendenhall - 9 carries for 25 yds.
Redman - 6 carries for 40 yds
Moore - 4 carries for 34 yds.

With the Steelers offensive line the way it is, the only clear choice at running back now needs to be Isaac Redman. I like Mendenhall, I've always been a supporter, however it's clear that Redman has a knack for getting the job done behind a line like the Steelers have.

For whatever reason, Rashard has been taking a page out of Dancing with the Stars. He's not hitting the hole, not seeing the field, and just getting stopped time after time. Redman is able to take the handoff and hit the ground running. 1 move and right up the field. He's able to break tackles, run hard, and find the lanes needed to make the play. He doesn't stop moving his legs, that's the big difference I see between the 2.

Rashard left the game with a hamstring which gave way to Red for more playing time. As of now Mendy's status is up in the air but clearly the Steelers need to see what's working and what isn't right now. Isaac is working...