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Thread: Until you fix the offensive line, you don't fix the Steelers

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    Until you fix the offensive line, you don't fix the Steelers

    This year is going to be painful to watch people. It already is. This unit is full of players who shouldn't be starters in the NFL. They are overmatched every week, not working well together, and just generally look beyond terrible in nearly every circumstance.

    Ben is not going to make it this season with this group. There's just no way you can see him surviving no matter how you look at it. If we've said it once, we've said it 100 times, you ignore the offensive line year after year and things are going to go south.

    You get Pouncey, that's fine. You get Gilbert, maybe he's going to be good in the future. It's not enough. You just can't let things go as is by bringing in has been's and never will be's every year and expect them to perform. The Steelers won inspite of the line in SB XL, they won inspite of it in XLIII. So now you just continue to let it go thinking you can overcome it. The offensive line is the catalyst of the team. Without them you don't do anything. Get all the big WR's, TE's, RB's, and QB's that you want, it means nothing when you have a line that can't do the job.

    Kemoeatu has always been slightly above average, able to pull very well but still struggles in pass blocking. Foster played well last year but much of that was Flozell Adams and a healthy Maurkice Pouncey? J. Scott is terrible, Essex is terrible, the list goes on and on.

    5 more sacks allowed today, and 2 more written off due to penalties.
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    It's a shame that casual fans/semi serious bloggers/sports media/NFL Experts can all see this yet the Steelers refuse to fix the problem.
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    Tomlin just said us bringing in a player(s) to help the oline depend on the health of our current players. Can you friggin believe that?!?!

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    You won't see any threads about me being upset at Ben this week. He got used and abused the entire game. How he's still standing? I don't know. He is the toughest quarterback in the league by far.

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    That is the thing we have been saying for awhile now. The main thing is right now you have a lot of money tied up in defense. That is all fine, but when your defense is not playing great then the offense is exposed.

    At the moment you have some big contracts on the defensive line, at the same time you have 2 1st round draft picks waiting in the wings. That is a lot of idle money which is fine if your getting what ya pay for. This season is showing our neglect for our O-line and the play calling of our OC.

    Even if we get this turned around these are huge problems. If this is Smith and Hampton's last year that would free up a good chunk of money. Wallace is going to be paid, but the O-line finially has hit the breaking point after all these years. Some vets need to take a paycut to stay next year to reflect performance. Ward, Farrior just to name a few. Take the extra money and spend some on the line for once.

    Just some thoughts even if we turn it around and win the SB I would still want this as my wish list.

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    Ya lets place the blame where it belongs. This O-line is the worst I've ever seen it. They lose all their one on one's, Ben never has any breathing Time after time you see his pocket collapse and get swallowed by pass rushers. Just like one of the announcers said today, this line is being held together by bandages and duct tape. Bunch of ****ing bums, every single one of them today.

    And what's up with the defense? Foster had 155 yards, 2 TD's on 30 carries today. Just last season we were averaging 60 yards rushing allowed per game!

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    Two blows to the same knee already. Big Ben is not going to survive this season thats for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelCityVoice View Post
    It's a shame that casual fans/semi serious bloggers/sports media/NFL Experts can all see this yet the Steelers refuse to fix the problem.
    At this point in the season, there is nothing that can be fixed. There's no cap available, and they are stuck with the players they have.

    They overpay the defense, there wont be any money to spend on good caliber offensive linemen in the off season. This team wont have any type of decent offensive line for years.

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