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Thread: Poor use of timeouts costly again

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    Atleast he's not challenging every single play and blowing not only a challenge but a timeout as well. Be thankful for that but trust me I hear ya, clock management has been an issue with this team since Tomlin took over. It's not something that should be tolerated and Tomlin himself admits he's a work in progress. You've been a head coach for 4 years now and you're telling me you can't figure out how to teach your team to manage the game clock?

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    I think this is the 3rd week in a row were we used a TO in our 5 five mins we had the ball on offense. Our frist possesion.

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    Couldn't believe when they took that second TO..thought to myself, Man, you're going to need that later on!!

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    Poor clock management

    Seems like since Tomlin has been coach, we've had nothing but bad clock management. We pissed away two timeouts in the 3rd qtr. Why can't the offense get the plays off?
    Cleveland Browns suck!

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