Opening drive, Texans moved it at will. Started at the 5. 2 or 3 holding calls, and still run it right down the Steelers throat. Blitzes were picked up, tackling was late. 19 plays, 95 yds. 10:55 opening drive.

Arian Foster and the Texans had 90 yds rushing in the first 18 minutes of the game. Foster had 70 yds himself midway through the first quarter. Hampton was getting blown up at the point of attack. Hood was way out of position on several occasions. Polamalu, Foote, Clark, Gay, Woodley all missing tackles or getting to the ball carrier a half step too late. You just can't recover from that type of play when they keep pounding it at you. Well, you should be able to recover but it's clear the Steelers cannot.

They are getting beat at the point of attack, that's the troubling thing. Teams are handing the ball off the back is just getting through the first wave of our defense usually without being touched. By the time anybody lays a hand on the ball carrier he's already got 7 yds.

That play where Foster was stopped when the Texans were inside their own 10, there was no pursuit or follow up and he turned it into a 21 yd run. It's this type of mental errors, lack of concentration, and poor execution that is ravaging what was once the best run defense in the NFL. Teams don't respect the Steelers ability to do anything on defense this year. Anybody and everybody has and will run on the Steelers this year until they prove they can stop it.

Saw a stat in the 4th quarter. On Foster's 42 yd TD run, the longest TD run allowed by a Steelers defense since 2006. With 2 minutes to go had 146 yds on the ground.