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Thread: Colts Poem (09/25/11)

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    Colts Poem (09/25/11)

    Steelers vs. Colts on Sunday in prime time
    Even with a win it was hard to write this rhyme
    We started off quick and soon we were up by 3
    And late in the 1st came Wallace’s 81 yard TD
    Those scores would put us up by 10
    And then unfortunately came the turnovers by Ben
    Freeney and Mathis were on the attack
    Causing the fumble after the sack
    Jamaal Anderson returned the fumble to tie the score
    And soon Vinatieri put up 3 more
    A late 3rd quarter field goal attempt would hit the upright
    But it was soon tied again as we continued to fight
    Due to concussion - the backup to the backup had to come in
    It was going to be up to Painter for the Colts to win
    James and Troy combined for a sack fumble of their own
    And soon the Hair was in the end zone
    Painter threw some passes and Addai ran the ball
    With 2 minutes left it was 20 - all
    Ben and the offense got us close enough to kick
    Then we watched the seconds tick
    And with only :04 left to go
    We won the game off Suisham’s toe
    If I had my pick I’d take a win by plenty
    But a win is a win by one point or twenty
    Sunday will be another AFC South showdown
    Houston - you have a problem - the Steelers are in town

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    I bet this one was tough to come up with Michele, but great job as always!

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    Nice work. Great read as always.
    DJ Crimefighter @

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    "Houston - you have a problem"

    Nice play on words lol

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