Im gonna try one of these recipe things, im gonna warn you before hand though that these are amazing ribs, im talkin fall off the bone, melt in your mouth goodness.

Now the list of ingriedients, this is to make about 20

3-4 bottles of BBQ sauce, i prefer to mix it up with honey BBQ and a Hickory Smoke

Your favorite rib seasoning

Around 20 pork or beef ribs

-Ok your going to boil the ribs for about 20 minutes or until they are almost cooked, save the water

-Throw the ribs on the grill, season them up however you like and cook them just to put some color on them

-Lay the ribs in a baking pan (like a cake pan, idk if thats what its called)

-Now take the sauce and put it in a bowl, whisk it together with the stock from when you boiled the ribs in about a 2-1 ratio (just pour the sauce in the bowl and fill the empty bottle with the stock) Mix it together, and it should be thin but not to watery. If it becomes to thin, just add some more BBQ sauce.

Now pour the sauce over the ribs in the pan, enough to mostly cover them, but not completely.

Cover the pan with foil and either put them in the oven at 300*, cook for anywhere from 2-5 hours, i think the longer the better, but its personal preference. Damn there amazing, enjoy