This will be one of the big matchups of the day. The Steelers will most certainly put Ike Taylor on Andre Johnson and let him shadow the Texans star WR the entire game. I still expect Matt Schaub to test Ike quite a few times, especially early on and see how he responds. Being one of the best WR's in the league, you have to figure he'll get some looks. If Johnson can get the best of Taylor, the Texans will keep going back to it all day long.

I suspect though, that Ike will be able to stay with Andre pretty well, and their battles will be fun to watch. I'm sure he'll make some plays and Johnson will make some too. I don't expect Taylor to give up a 100 yds worth of receiving to his man, but regardless it will be a good challenge for him. Taylor talks about these types of challenges often and he enjoys matching up against the best the NFL has to offer. It makes him raise his game and that always helps the Steelers defense.