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Thread: Would you rather have Wallace or a 1st round

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    I rather have Mike Wallace....Yes I agree there is some very talented WR's coming out in this next draft but still those college players have to prove themselves....Mike Wallace is getting better and better each season.....Keep the Young Money Crew together......

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    Wallace ain't going no where, worse case they franchise him he will retire a Steeler

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    For those of you convinced we are keeping him, lets talk facts.
    #1 We either RFA tender him or we franchise him. We cannot start with one and then change our minds. RFA is about 3 or so million franchise would be over 12.
    #2 Unless Mike immediately signs his tender other teams are allowed to talk to him and offer him a contract.
    #3 The cap could go up, depending on revenue, but in Big Ben, Hampton, Troy, Timmons, Woodley, and Harrison is over 50% of our cap room. So we may not be able to match the deal. We would only have one week to do it and stay under the cap.
    #4 I am not denying Wallace's worth, but if we have to match an offer, it could me several more years of no money for an OL. Is that worth it?

    I would love to keep Wallace in an ideal world, I am just not sure we can with the amount of money going to the defense. So this question for me was about opportunity costs more than anything. What are we giving up to keep Mike Wallace vs. just letting him go for a 1st round pick?
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    It's week 3. I'll worry about the off season after the playoffs; hopefully sometime in February.

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    Wallace hasn't even scratched the surface yet in his potential to be an elite WR. He is a gamebreaker that you don't give up period.
    Coming to you live from the Fortress of Steelertude!

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    I'd rather have a 1st round LT..

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    i would have traded holmes for a first rounder, no way im trading wallace for one at this point.

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    It really is to early to talk about this until the new cap numbers are in. There may also be some financial wiggle room if certain vets are asked to retire if they don't improve. Its really hard to guess what will happen til we get to the off season.

    James Harrison - "Right now, you know, some people may want to jump on the Steelers bandwagon.
    Don't do that. We don't need you. We didn't need you at the beginning, we don't need you now."

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    I just dont see the steelers breaking the bank for a WR. I just dont.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelJunkie View Post
    There may also be some financial wiggle room if certain vets are asked to retire if they don't improve. Its really hard to guess what will happen til we get to the off season.
    The Steelers are reportedly some 20 mil over the projected cap next year already. Those vets may be asked to retire irregardless.

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