I'm new here but not new to the Steelers (or anything else for that matter) and I am trying to find the good in this season solely because I am tired of hearing, reading, talking about, and otherwise bashing the Steelers. So this is my attempt to extract the good...............what do you like about the outlook for this season?

1. Despite Ben having a seasons worth of turnovers and dumb plays he seems to be confident and his arm strength and accuracy look good.

2. Harrison seems to progressing nicely from what I feared might be debilitating surgery.

3. William Gay could always tackle but he also seems to be also covering people this year.

4. Antonio Brown has impressed me because he hasn't done anything really stupid yet.

5. Hines is Hines.

6. Redman can be a bruiser!

7. Pouncey is still a stud (no backslide).

8. There are still plenty of buses which could hit Arians