I introduced myself in the"New Addicts" forum but thought it would be good to reiterate my hatred for Arians here.

A couple trivia questions:
1. What QB-WR combo has the best record in the history of the NFL for down-field (long) pass plays?

2. What NFL team has two of the fastest WR's in the NFL and an elite QB?

3. What NFL team got their butt handed to them in week 1, and were down by 10 points when they got off the bus, but failed to call a single down-field pass play?

4. What NFL team did what every analyst in the NFL world said not to do (be pass happy allowing Freeny and Mathis to tee off) and darn near lost in a game they were heavily favored in last night?

1. Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Wallace
2. The Steelers
3. The Steelers
4. The Steelers

Any doubts that I think we would be better off with Joe Blow as an OC?