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Thread: Why was Moore in?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyg1984 View Post
    the last two seasons mendy showed us what he had and now that our OL looks like crap ev1 has bad stuff to say .. i totally disagree - espec with the fumble stuff .. what happened to all the people on this site who defended him with all the non-sense after the SB .. as for '11, any1 would have fumbled if Ngata got them like that ..

    put the other guys in more? wait til teams actually play the run vs. our other two guys .. there is a reason neither of them are starting RBs and a ton of evidence out there why one of them has never sniffed a starting role
    Have you paid attention at all to how Mendenhall carries the ball? He almost fumbles on every damn play.

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    that has been an issue since he was in college .. it should not be swaying people at this point .. it might have accounted for 3 or 4 fumbles at most out of like how many hundred carries?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stone View Post
    I agree about the Ngata fumble but.................Mendy couldn't do a thing last night. Redman and Moore both had key runs and catches in just a few attempts where Mendy couldn't do it with 18 attempts
    memo had like 10 yards rushing last night .. why throw out the last 2 years of evidence?

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